Jewelry Making Course

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Jewellery making class  

Why should you learn to make your own jewellery when there are ready-made ones in the market?

1.You get to choose the color or the type of material that you like.

2.Having jewellery making as a hobby, it gives you the opportunity to relax and express your creativity.

3.You can make jewellery gifts for your friends and family during special occasions.

4.Have a sense of satisfaction in the ability to design, repair your own jewellery, and seeing your creations worn by your loved ones.

5.You can also take this opportunity to develop patience and creativity.

6.Most importantly, there will be great savings due to the lower cost of wearing self-made jewellery.

No. of Sessions: 4

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins per session

Course fee: $200 (inclusive of tools and materials)


1.Round-nosed Pliers

2.Flat-nosed Pliers

3.Storage box

4.Wire Cutter


Sequence of Sessions:





Terms and Conditions:

1.All sessions are strictly by appointments.

2.Beadees reserves the right to change the sequence of the sessions and materials used without prior notice.

3.No bonus stamp would be issued.

For more details, please call +65 9648 5772.

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